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Learn Ways to Activate My TiVo Stream | Simple Guidance

Tivo Tv is a media streaming device that can definitely replace your average Android TV. This is a great device for all the TV lovers out there who cannot watch TV at home every time. It is absolutely fair to say that it is a revolutionary device that will change mankind’s perspective on watching television, which we will talk about in this article. Let us explore Tivo com activate steam 4k briefly in this write-up. Without wasting any further minutes, let us straightaway dive into it. 

Information on My TiVo Stream

information on tivo stream 4k

As already discussed above, this is a revolutionary media streaming app that basically records all your live channels which can be viewed later. It is the most modernized version of our own televisions. Everything that a TV can do can be done by this device with additional functions that it has to offer. 

Now, of course, you want to know what is the difference between My TiVo Stream and My TiVo Stream 4k and the answer to this is that earlier people were not able to experience the video-on-demand services but to our utter surprise, the 4k version enables that feature too. 

Furthermore, all the above write clarified why this device is revolutionary. It is not wrong to say that it has the potential to drag your interest on itself. 

We now move further in the article to dig more about this interesting media app. 

Engaging Features Of My TiVo Stream 

features of tivo stream 4k

These are some of the detectable & interesting features of My TiVo Stream to inform yourself accordingly. 

  1. This device TiVo Stream 4k is powered by Google Android TV and retails at the same price of $49.99 as Google Chromecast with Google TV considering that both devices have a different interface. 
  2. It is based on Android 10.
  3. The device can be easily connected to your television set with HDMI easily. You get access to the Google Play Store which creates this option of watching YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and other apps on your television set itself. 
  4. All the other features like Google assistant, voice control, and live television are also a part of this device.
  5. Now we should get to the device itself. The device has a timeless build which means that it is compact and clean, which makes it really easy to port from one place to another.

How to Activate TiVo Stream 4k?

activate tivo stream 4k

Let us look at how you can activate TiVo Stream 4k, doing so is very simple and convenient for all the users. The below steps must be followed:

  • Primarily you are supposed to download TiVo Stream and set up your account. Follow the instructions given on the screen. 
  • This will lead you to the activation screen, you will get a code here, note that and move further.
  • From your preferred device go to tivo com/activate/stream 4k. On this screen:
  • Enter the activation code noted earlier.
  • Then enter another thing they ask for like CAPTCHA, fill that in.
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions after reading them.
  • Click on Activate device.
  • Now, you are asked to log in using your TiVo account, if you don’t have an account click on Create an Account. Create your account by entering your information.
  • When your account is activated you will be asked to start a free trial or link the account with Sling and proceed accordingly.
  • For linking to the Sling Account, enter all your credentials and proceed.
  • Return to the Tivo Stream 4k and set up your account.
  • Finally, your TiVo Stream 4k is activated and you can stream and have fun.  
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This was all about this interesting media streaming device TiVo Stream 4k. In this article, we talked about everything you need to know before investing in this product. I hope all this information was helpful and resolved many of your questions about this device. Furthermore, if you face any more problems, Contact us & we are ready to help 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Should I really buy TiVo Stream 4k?

A. As we have discussed in this article that this device retails for the same price as Google Chromecast. Unless you are not ready to face some compromise here and there you should not invest in it or get yourself other better options in the market. Generally, users get inclined towards TiVo Stream 4k because you can sometimes buy it for a relatively cheaper price.

Q. Is there a monthly fee for TiVo stream 4k?

A. No, there is no monthly fee that you need to pay. You can stream from Google Play, considering that you might have to pay for some paid apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

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