All this while, if you were searching for the next level gaming experience, running from game store to game store, scouring the internet all day long to find the proper and better way to get your gaming controls under your grip, your arduous search ends right here. Brought to you by trksyln, let me present to you TgMacro is one of the best macro applications for gaming that gives you the feel of a macro keyboard and mouse even if you don’t have any of them. TgMacro also allows you to customize your macro gaming tools per your style, sensibilities, and convenience. So, let us dive deep into this tool even more.

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TgMacro: Introduction and Features


A revolutionary customization tool, TgMacro is undoubtedly a disruptor and game changer. An automation tool developed by TRKSYLN, it is the most trustworthy gaming software that helps you record the events and operations of your Keyboard and mouse. Among its significant features, it has options for creating triggers and Loop macro and saves them so you can use these functions during gaming.

It is an open-source application, meaning the code is available for the public to see. This is where you can check whether it is legitimate and whether it will be detrimental to your computer. Open-source programs are easier to modify and change, so over time, the application will be updated to its latest version bringing in new ideas, innovation, and creativity. You can level up your game features such as roblox FPS unlocking, teleporting, etc.

It allows importing AMC recoil scripts and automates your mouse and keyboard through screen color changes.

Key Features

  • The application has features to record the movement and operations of your mouse and keyboard.
  • You can create triggers and macro loops with TgMacro with numerous keyboard combinations. Loops let you repeat the action you record and trigger, allowing for initiating action when the loop should be executed.
  • TgMacro allows changing the screen color using the same loops and triggers created earlier.
  • TgMacro helps to automate the mouse and keyboard, making the gaming experience easier to enjoy.
  • The application imports Amc Recoil Scripts to allow codes created outside of the TgMacro to be included within the source code.
  • The application is entirely free, with no advertisements messing with your experience.
  • TgMacro is an open-source program where anybody can check its authenticity and legitimacy.

System Requirements

For TgMacro download, your system must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your computer has to be Windows PC as it is not compatible with Mac
  2. It must have the latest Windows version, like Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 11
  3. An operating system with a 32-bit configuration is a must
  4. You will also need to have RAM of 2GB.
  5. A memory space of 100MB will also be necessary.
  6. TgMacro will also need a frequent and steady internet connection

Tg Macro Download and Installation

If your device has met all the above requirements, you can easily Tg Macro download with the download icon above. It will send you to the main website Press the download icon and wait for the download process to be completed.

You don’t have a separate installation process for TgMacro. The application will be installed once your article stops downloading, and you can start using it. Through this software, you can exploit the game easily. However, you can use Top Roblox Exploit to edge over your competitors.

TgMacro and Its Usage

Now that you have downloaded and installed the application, let us take you through the process of using them. The two ways to create a macro on TgMacro for PC are manually and automatically. 

Manually Creating the Macro


Here are the steps for creating a macro on TgMacro

  1. The first step is to launch the software on your PC and wait for the dialogue box to open.
  2. There’s a “Add New macros+.” Click on it.
  3. Type the name of the macro. In this case, type “
  4. Select the triggering option.
  5. Click on the option named “Key Events for Trigger Actions by
  6. When you click on the “When” option, three options will drag down: key pressed, Key Hold, Or Key Toggle. Select one.
  7. Choose any one of the keys on the keyboards. For example, D.
  8. Select the option of “Recording,” where four options will be available for you: Mouse Key, Mouse Move, Keyboard Key, and Wait Action. Select one.
  9. Choose any of them from the two available options of absolute and relative for the Mouse Positioning option.
  10. Select the mouse position for key presses and press Alt+X to determine the mouse’s location.
  11. Press the keys; click on “Click Here to Set Keys” and press the key or key combinations.
  12. Configure the key combinations with either press, down, or up.
  13. Tap on save to save the macro on “

Configuring Key Status on TgMacro

The process is enumerated below:

  1. Open the action editor
  2. Three options will be available: Press key status, down key status, and up key status.
  3. Select one of the options mentioned above.

Recording Configuration of Keys

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a macro on TgMacro.
  2. Once the macro is initiated, you must search for the recording button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Configure and select all the actions you want to record.
  4. Either hit the record button or press ctrl+F10 to start recording.
  5. If you have to stop the recording, you must press the duplicate shortcut keys.

Looping a Macro

Looping a Macro

If you want to loop a macro, follow the following procedures:

  1. Select the macro you want to loop on TgMacro
  2. Choose  the Edit option on the right-hand side of the macro
  3. Select “Key Events to Trigger Actions By” under the trigger option.
  4. Click on “Key Toggle” on the “When” option.
  5. Tap on “Save

Importing AMC Recoil Scripts

Amc recoil scripts are the codes, macro loops, and triggers created outside the TgMacro and must be imported to incorporate into your loop at your convenience. Here is the process through which you can make it:

  1. You must first launch TgMacro on your latest windows.
  2. Select the file option on the dialog box
  3. Four options will be shown: Load Project, Import Project, Save Project, and Import Script.
  4. Select the last option.
  5. Another dialog box with numerous folders will appear. 
  6. Select the folder where the script is saved and click on open.


How can I get TgMacro on my PC?

You must get the TgMacro from a trusted source. Otherwise, it can cause problems. If you have found that, click on the download icon and let the Tg Macro download.

Is there a Ban on TgMacro?

There is no ban on the application. Though some people can call it unethical, it is not illegal. But make sure not to use it multiple times. 

What is the primary function of TgMacro?

The primary function of TgMacro is to make gaming smooth and convenient. Its primary focus is to make command loops and record operations of your keyboard and mouse so that you have to press them every time you log in to your game.

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